Monday, June 27, 2011


Tonight we went to Southgate and did a little shopping and ate dinner at Cosimo's. It was tasty and not stressful because we sat outside the restaurant in the food court area. We had planned to go to St. Armands but it looked like rain so we thought we should plan an indoor activity. During nap time today Baylor and I shipped some things at Fed Ex and went to the Orange Octopus for ice cream, I love the orange pineapple!
They fed the birds the pringles that dropped. He loves chasing the birds.

He likes to get a big group before he starts running.

Parker loves the birds too and just smiles away.

In case your looking for a new suit for the man in your life, I found the perfect one complete with a sailor hat. It is a good look from the front and back. The stroller completes the look.

Chef Baylor was busy cooking.

Parker got lots of water again today.

He was the cooking assistant, but he kept messing up Bubby's creations. Oh to be a little brother!

We found lots of cocina shells again today. It was overcast all morning, but it made it really nice at the beach. It wasn't hot at all.

We ate lunch at the pool again and swam. This mask is bigger than his face.


On Sunday night we went back to Gilligans in the village. We wanted to sit outside in the back by the tiki hut but a bikini contest was going on, too bad I forgot my suit:)! Actually there were only three contestants and the winner won $500. The waitress said the winner participates alot and is an actual model.

We sat out front by the street and could watch all the bikes, motorcycles, and dogs. There was music and lots of noise so we fit in well. I like to eat in loud restaurants at this point.

We had the fried pickles again and they were so good!


d_freestone said...

No KIDDING!!!! I wanted to walk over to the beach, tonight and as we were walking out the door little rain drops began falling.... grrrrrrr!

jamie said...

How fun! I have enjoyed reading about your adventures in Florida! Can't wait for you to get back. I miss you! I can't wait for you to get back.....although you may have to come back to overcast weather. That's how it has been for about a week! Tell all the boys that my kids said hi. Can't wait to see everyone again!