Friday, June 17, 2011

Beach Fun

Today was the girls last day. We spent lots of time at the beach playing. The boys had so much fun this week.
Parker was busy chasing this bird.

He walked up and down the beach trying to catch it, but he didn't have any luck. He kept calling for the bird to come back.

Kayla and Parker. She is so sweet with him.

Karli and Cooper. He thinks Karli is so pretty and thinks she is so nice.

Baylor and Kenzie are two years apart and they had fun playing together.

Marissa and Cooper.

The boys had fun with Travis and Connor.

Playing four way paddle ball.

The boys shared a popsicle with Colton.

So pretty.

During nap time I went to the pool by myself to read and have a little quiet time. Mimi stayed in with the boys today.:) Miss Tammy brought me a FedEx package that had come from Tom. It was so sweet. He sent his four favorite people a surprise. Parker got a Mr. Potato Head, Cooper got a Disney DS game, Baylor got a Dolphin DS game and I got a pedicure for when we get home. He sure is sweet.

We went to dinner for Filet night at Word of Mouth and had a great meal. The highlight for the boys was meeting this adorable Labrodoodle named Skipper. They were in love.

The boys could not wait to get to the beach for sunset to see the girls.

Mariss and Cooper, Karli, Becca, Baylor, Parker, Kayla, Kenzie, and Wyatt in the front.

Karli and Cooper.

Connor and Baylor. Miss Lynsie, Connor and Karli's mom, brought the boys glow sticks and they were thrilled.

Coop and Kenzie. He was covered in sand and we had to go to the pool for a shower and then to swim.

Baylor and Marissa.

It was a great week! I love making new friends and seeing the same friend at the beach each year. The boys loved these girls and they are so sweet, if only they lived closer!!!

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