Saturday, June 4, 2011

Daddy's Last Day

It was Daddy's last day and he wanted to go to breakfast to start the day off. We headed to the Village and went to eat at the Broken Egg and saw the girls there. They were eating before heading to the airport. The boys were happy to tell them Bye one more time.
We knew that Dick Vitale often eats at the Broken Egg and he was there in the morning doing a special signing and talk to raise money for pediatric cancer research.

Tom had him sign a basketball.

The boys got a children's book signed.

It was Awesome Baby!

After a yummy breakfast we met Mimi at the beach.

It was another great day at the beach.

Parker loves the beach and the water and always has a shovel in his hand.

He was hard at work.

After lunch we all went to the pool to swim and relax.

They all had fun!

They had Daddy throw them and do all of their tricks before he had to leave.

Super Pals.

Coop is so good at diving for things in the pool. He is swimming great!

Daddy got to pick our dinner spot and he wanted to go back to Demetrio's for his last night. After dinner we went to the beach and the boys fished with their Daddy.

Coop was the bait boy but he did not want to touch the squid.

Baylor would come and tell us if they caught anything.

Tom is such a great Daddy.

They caught four fish and had a few more swim away with their bait.

Great Job!

Coop was proud.

Parker was busy with his shovel.

After the beach Daddy took Cooper and Baylor to swim at the pool. It was a great last day with Daddy.

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Brown Family said...

I love Dickie V, he is such a genuine guy. One day he will be a Hall of Famer, tell they boys to save his autograph.