Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All Aboard

Santa had all three on his lap.
The four great grandkids.

Uncle Mike and his grandbabies.

Baylor wanted to show Santa his elf hat.
Riding on the train.
Ethan's first ride.
Riding in Santa's sleigh.
Showing Eva the windows.
Cooper let Eva borrow his hat.
Eva and Baylor enjoyed their slushies.
Their mom would be so proud of them!
Great Job Katie!
Mimi gave Ethan a baby's first Christmas Pooh. He was holding it while napping.
Coop in his elf hat.
This morning Baylor had school and then Mimi, Cooper, and I picked him up and we went to the Indiana State Museum. We met Jenny and Ethan, David, Shanna, and Eva, and Uncle Mike to watch Katie's choir and bell choir perform a Christmas concert. Aunt Von and Uncle Jeff were both there too helping Katie with all the children. The kids did a great job and you could tell how much they enjoy choir with Katie. Katie did such a great job! After the program we all ate lunch together and then headed to the Christmas exhibit. It was so much fun for the kids and we were the only family there. They were able to ride the train for an extra long time. Baylor rode with Eva and Cooper got to ride with his pal Ethan. He is in love with him and calls him "my efan". We were able to spend extra time with Santa and got some cute pictures of the four great grandkids together. Baylor was so happy to see that Santa had the gifts the boys gave him on Saturday on display on the fireplace. Santa was so nice to the kids and talked to them for a long time. It was a special treat since Eva lives so far away and we do not get to see her very often. We rode the train one more time before leaving and Cooper wanted to ride with me. I ended up riding this year after all and did not miss out on this holiday tradition. Parker and I were definitely a tight fit in the train. We had a great day and enjoyed spending the time with family. David and his family left for Colorado this evening and we hope they have a safe trip home and come back to visit soon.

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Anonymous said...

So glad that you had the chance to enjoy all we have to offer for the holidays at the Indiana State Museum! We love Santa here, and the train was made larger than the original L.S. Ayres Santa Claus Express just so parents can also ride :) Come again next year and you'll have a great family tradition!