Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pretend Party

He was pretending to be Santa.
Making Christmas punch.
Helping Mimi.
See his candy all lined up, he is a chocolate LOVER!
Present time!

Today was a cold and very WINDY day. After school the boys and I went to Mimi's house for a pretend party. Mimi let the boys open all her hostess gifts and of course Baylor thought they were all for him. They both had a great time and enjoyed opening fun Christmas gifts. Cooper thoroughly enjoyed finding all the chocolate candy in Mimi's candy jars. He was jumping up and down and was so excited. Baylor made his first batch of Christmas punch for the season and I must say it was delicious. He loves Christmas punch too. Every time I drink it I think of Grandma Shadday and all our past Christmas memories. It is funny how little things can bring back so many memories. For lunch we had lots of delicious leftovers and desserts. Baylor said every party needs games so Mimi played some games with them upstairs. She is such a fun Mimi!!!

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