Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve with Mimi and Pop

Santa's Smorgasbord
A present on the front porch.
Katie helped Cooper open his present.
What a face.
Sarah and the boys.
While Santa came early to our house so that we were able to do Christmas Eve with the boys it was so hard to be away from them this year. I cried at the hospital and felt bad that they were without their mommy and daddy. However they had a great time at Mimi and Pop's house and loved every single minute. Baylor did ask if we were going to be there in the morning and Mimi said later in the day after we left the hospital. He then said we never missed Christmas morning and that he was going to wait. When she told me this I was really crying. Baylor ended up changing his mind in the morning when he walked down the stairs. He decided he should go ahead and then show us what he got from Santa at Mimi's, too funny.

Uncle Joe sang at our church on Christmas Eve and Mimi and Baylor went to the first service and then Pop went to the second so someone could stay with Coop. Joe sang O Holy Night and did a great job. I always love it when he sings that song and was so sad to miss church on Christmas Eve. Mom always has our family over for dinner and fellowship on Christmas Eve. The boys had fun playing with Sarah and Andy and Santa's elf left them one special present on the front porch. They got a helicopter from Lightning McQueen. After the party the boys worked hard to get things ready for Santa. Mimi basically let them put out whatever they wanted and they used leftovers from the party. I heard Santa had veggies, ham, turkey, pickles, cookies, and more. Santa must have eaten dinner at Mimi's house. It was so nice to know they were safe and sound and abundantly loved while we were gone. Hopefully this will be our only Christmas Eve apart as a family.

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