Thursday, December 3, 2009

Disney on Ice

We all had a great time.
Mickey and Minnie were riding in Goofy's sleigh.
We took lots of pictures of the four of them, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to get them all to look at the same time. Here is my best shot.
Cooper the popcorn snatcher.
Addi's sucker was huge!
They were ready for a great show!
(Baylor wanted to know how Mickey was going to be there if he is always at Disney World. I told him he travels and this was a little vacation. He is one smart cookie.)

Tonight we had a special treat to go to Disney on Ice with the Gambrel family. Every year we try and do something together at Christmas time. Last year Andi and I took just the big boys, but this year Cooper and Gigi were old enough to go too. The kids had a great time and really enjoyed the show. There was so much for them to watch that it entertained them the entire time. Baylor wanted to sit my Addi and Cooper wanted to sit by Gigi. Cooper kept saying, "me sit by Gigi not bubby". He really thinks she is great and talked about her the whole way home. She is such a doll, he has good taste in little girls! The show was about various holidays and celebrations and the finale was all about Christmas. Goofy came down the chimney as Santa and all the characters were dressed in Christmas clothes. It was so cute and perfect for this time of year. Both boys were said when the show was over and wanted to watch more. I know they had a great time with their friends. We love Addi, Gigi, Andi, and Baron, thanks for going and for a great night of fun!

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