Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cookie Making Part 1

The egg master.
The head butter opener.
Good little helpers.
Looking pretty cute.
He was proud of himself.
This morning the boys and I started the first step to the Christmas cookie extravaganza. We made four batches of dough to freeze to make next week. They did a great job helping. Baylor cracked all twelve eggs and did not break a single one. Cooper opened all 20 sticks of butter, yes that is four pounds of butter. The boys took turns dumping 8 cups of sugar and 20 cups of flour into the mixing bowl. They also helped with the vanilla and baking soda, but that wasn't quite as fun since it was only a few teaspoons. They like it when they can dump a big pile. Pretty soon we will start making the cookies and rolling the dough which is by far their favorite part and the messiest!!!

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