Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Cookies Part 3

Taste testing.
Baylor went around taking pictures of all the cookies drying.
Daddy and Coop working together.
This blue icing is tasty.
His favorite color.
Giving his "C" a little lick.
Working on the blue.
Thanks for being so great Daddy!
Needless to say the kitchen was a disaster again and they both headed to the shower to wash the layers of sugar and icing off their body.

Tonight when I was getting my hair cut Tom and the boys started on the final part to the cookies, the icing. This is what makes the cookies especially delicious. Tom has never iced them before and did an awesome job. Who knows he may take over the cookie making each year from now on. When I got home it was fun to watch the boys working with Daddy. They both loved tasting all the different colors of icing. They turned out great and are very tasty. Uncle Joe is going to have to thank Tom this year and not me, I really only made the dough.

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