Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Cookies Part 2

The cookie making crew.
Feeling festive.
Trying to roll it just right.
Loving the flour.
Pat, pat, pat.
A nice snowman.
Notice the "snow" on the floor.
The cookie master of the year.
When he got bored of making cookies he made snowman out of his dough.
Daddy made these special cookies for our three little boys, Baylor, Cooper, and Parker.

Tonight when Daddy got home from work we worked on our Christmas cookies. The boys were so excited and could not wait to get started. They both pulled up chairs to the counter and had fun rolling dough and cutting out cookies. Cooper really enjoyed playing in the flour or "snow". He was a huge mess by the time it was all over but he had a great time. Daddy really cut out all the cookies all by himself. I usually help but he made me sit in a chair and watch with my feet up. The boys cookies were seriously covered in flour and not many made it on the trays but they thought they were doing such a great job. We ended up with close to 100 cookies that are ready to be iced. We even called Uncle Joe to let him know we were baking them and they would be ready for him on Sunday. We can't wait to have him Home for the Holidays!!!!

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d_freestone said...

GREAT pictures! These are memories that the boys will NEVER forget! I cannot wait to see the session when everyone is covered with icing! tee hee!