Saturday, December 19, 2009

He Came!!!!!

Checking out the presents. They love their horses.
Let's just say he loved his horse but was in love with the candy in his stocking. He had lots of gumballs and Pez.
Santa was a big eater!!!

Thankfully we all were able to sleep in after a very late night. Baylor came in right before 9 and wanted to see if Santa came. When we looked at the window we saw it was snowing and made it feel so much like Christmas morning. We all got up and changed into our Christmas jammies and Daddy went down to check before we headed down the stairs. When Daddy told Baylor he could come he ran like a flash and was giggling all the way down the stairs. He was jumping up and down and saying that Santa came! I don't think Coop quite knew what to do but he picked up speed to chase after his brother and was so excited. We had such a wonderful morning together as a family and were able to spend the entire day together. The boys could take their time opening and play along the way. We stayed in our jammies all day and had so much fun. Tom cooked a tasty brunch that everyone enjoyed. Baylor ate 4 cinnamon rolls and Cooper had more bacon than I could count. Tom and I loved watching the boys and cherish these special memories. I also love my presents from Tom! I got a necklace with the boys names and a Kindle. I have already downloaded several new releases and can't wait to use it, I was so excited. We said we may ask Santa to come early every year so we can have the whole day at home as a family.

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