Friday, December 11, 2009

Baylor's Christmas Program

Thanks Mrs. Steele for all your hard work.

Baylor by the manger scene in the sanctuary.

Our family of four soon to be five.

Mimi and Pop were so proud!
Mammaw and Pappaw came too.
We were glad Mama and Papa were able to come again this year.
What a handsome reindeer.
He was so excited to see us after the program.
The kings big part.
Baylor led the kids into the sanctuary.
Daddy let Cooper walk around before the program. He liked to hold baby Jesus. In the car he said he was going to be baby Jesus in the play and then he changed his mind and said he was going to be the "Ginch".
Baylor and Will before the program.
My little king.

Baylor has been so excited for his program. They have been singing Christmas songs to prepare since early in the fall. He was a wiseman this year and was happy that he got to wear a blue robe and a green crown, his two favorite colors, how exciting! The kids did such a great job and knew all the words and motions. They were so cute. There is something so special about little children singing about Jesus and his birth. I cried in a few parts. I love the song called "Little Baby Boy", it is so sweet. Baylor was an excellent wiseman and did an awesome job. We were so proud of him and so were all of the people who came to watch him. We love you little man!!!!

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