Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas with Megan

Joe and Megan.
Merry Christmas!
Poor Megan could hardly open a present by herself. Baylor wanted to help.
Baylor got a Mickey Nutcracker ornament. He was so excited!
Opening his present.
Baylor picked out these bracelets for Megan at his school store. He was so proud and wanted her to wear them all. Let's just say they are for little girls and are a little tight.
Joe is home until January 9 and we are all so happy!!!!
Joe and Megan both made it home last night. We were so thankful Joe was able to get home after Maryland was blasted with a huge snowstorm on Friday and Saturday. The boys have been missing him terribly since Thanksgiving and were so excited to see him and Megan. The boys and I went to lunch with Mimi, Pop, Joe, and Megan. Since Megan leaves on Christmas Eve to go back to Pennsylvania we wanted to give her her presents today. It was a great day and we love Joe and Megan.

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