Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa Party

Today Baylor and Cooper hosted a Santa party for their friends. They have been so excited and had been asking for days how much longer until the party. Cooper kept saying "my party" all morning while we were getting ready. When the kids arrived we worked on crafts for them to hang on the tree, door, and refrigerator. Once again the glitter glue was a big hit and the crafts turned out so cute. Some of the kids made lots of treasures to take home. After crafts we had a delicious brunch. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus before eating. The kids loved the donut hole and marshmallows. There was lots of sugar for everyone! After eating they had a few minutes to play before our special visitor came. When the doorbell rang all the kids ran to the door to open it. Baylor was so excited! Santa sat on the fireplace and all the kids came and sat on his lap to talk to him. Some of our friends were a little scared and watched Santa from a distance. Santa sang a few songs with the kids and they used their jingle bell bracelets to make more music. Santa had to leave to work on toys and get ready for his big night just a few weeks away. After Santa we played three games, nutcracker ring toss, Christmas toss, and pin the heart on the Grinch. The kids did a great job with the games and had fun playing. They were cute to watch. All the children loved their favors and were cute wearing their reindeer antlers. It was a great party and lots of fun for the kids. I really appreciate Mimi and Pop for all their help, I really needed it this year.

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