Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Celebrations with Mimi and Pop

Our three perfect blessings.
He was so excited to hold him.
Of course he needed a picture too!
Our first family of 5 picture. (Not the best of me but a memory none the less.)

Last night was a long night for Tom and I with Mr. Parker. It takes a little readjusting to get accumstomed to functioning on hardly any sleep. Parker truly wanted to eat all night long and had his best sleeping stint from 5am to 9am. I was so thankful to have Tom help me in the night and that we did not worry about waking Baylor and Cooper who stayed again at Mimi and Pop's house. I can not thank them enough for all they have done for us over the past week. It would have been nearly impossible without them and Uncle Joe.
This morning we got ready and drove down the street in the snow to celebrate Christmas with Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Joe. The boys had made Christmas punch for me and had my Santa mug ready to go. It really did feel like Christmas morning. The boys were so excited when everything was ready and could not wait to get started. Both boys were happy to see Parker this morning and were kissing on him and giving him love. He was tired from his big night so he slept all through presents which was nice for Tom and I. Tom sat on the floor and helped the boys. He started to cry at one point because he said he really has missed them and was so happy to be with them. Cooper was once again crazy for the candy and had quite the assortment throughout the morning. We all loved our presents and were spoiled by Mimi and Pop. The boys got a Lego table that they love, a tent, sleeping bags, and so much more. They have had a great day playing at Mimi and Pop's house. After presents both boys sat on the couch and took turns holding Parker. It was so cute to watch. Baylor really is smitten with him and is so sweet. He just pats him and talks softly to him. Cooper did a great job holding him too and was very proud of himself. We all enjoyed the day and were so happy to be able to spend it together. Thanks Mimi and Pop for such a wonderful Christmas and for loving us so and always being there.


megan elizabeth said...

I love the pictures Jess. You look great. I'm so happy for all of you! I love you! (that is a great first family picture!)

d_freestone said...

It looks like everyone was well remembered. It is a good thing that Parker slept through everything, but my guess is that he was up the rest of the night... right??? You will have him sleeping "like a baby" soon! Great slide show! Thank you for sharing your day with us!