Friday, December 18, 2009

Baylor's Preschool Christmas Party

Baylor and Grant.
The girls all wanted to give Baylor a hug before they left.
Standing a little close for ring toss.
They were singing Jingle Bells and shaking all the bells inside the parachute.
Baylor and Rachel.

As the room mom for Baylor's preschool I was in charge of his Christmas party. I was a little worried I would not be able to make it with the baby, but it worked out great. The kids had so much fun and were all so well behaved. It is such a nice group of boys and girls. At the beginning of the party the kids made a foam Christmas tree ornament and then colored wooden Christmas magnets. They were excited and did a great job. After craft we played three games, Santa's sack, Nutcracker Toss, and Jingle Bell Parachute. For snack the kids had chocolate milk, tree cakes, Christmas marshmallows, and apple slices. The party was lots of fun and a great way to start their Christmas break. What a fun day!

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