Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa's Coming HOME!

A perfect gift.
Christmas Day is hard work.
Meeting for the first time.
First car ride.
Not too sure about the car seat.
Ready to go home.
What a cute little Santa.
All dressed and ready.
Daddy had a huge cart to load up in the car.
All of our loot.
After his assessment last night the nurse brought Parker back to us in a stocking. He looked so cute!!!
After spending Christmas Eve at the hospital Tom and I were so anxious to get home and see our boys. We could not wait to bring Mr. Parker home on Christmas Day. We will definitely never forget this special homecoming. We decided to surprise everyone at Mama's house and show up for lunch. I think they were all surprised. I was so happy to see Baylor and Cooper. We thought Cooper would be the baby lover, but we were wrong. He was too busy playing that he barely even glanced at Parker. Baylor on the other hand could not get enough. He kept touching him and wanting to give him a kiss. He said he liked him and was so happy to see him. He said I didn't like him on the computer but like him in person. He wanted the car seat to sit right next to him at lunch so he could check on him. As soon as we ate we came home to rest and get medicine. The boys stayed with Mimi and Pop to join in more fun and open presents. Pop will be giving me pictures of their day. We are so happy to have Parker home! He had a cute stork sign in the yard welcoming him to his house. It was raining and windy so we will take pictures tomorrow. What a great Christmas Day!

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d_freestone said...

Love the picture of Baylor and cute!!!

Welcome home, Jessie! You now have 4 guys (including Tom) to wait on you.... We are so happy for you!