Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sweet Sweet Sound

He was just precious.
Sara McDaniel leads the choir and they do such a great job.

They were so sweet!
Another great visit.
He loves these nutcrackers.

His items are on the mantle. He loves that Santa likes nutcrackers too.

Mimi was so nice to go with the boys on the train every time.

This morning after my doctor's appointment we went to the Indiana State Museum with Mimi. Since it was so cold again today this is a perfect place to go since the garage is completely covered and you never have to go outside. When we arrived we realized that the Franklin Road Joyager choir was going to sing in just a few minutes. This is the church mom grew up in and many of our family members still attend so we know lots of the singers. It is a choir that consists of more "seasoned" singers. We were excited to be able to listen to them. It truly was such a blessing and one of the sweetest things of this holiday season. Mom and I were both crying during most of the concert. How wonderful to still be praising the Lord through song when you are older and wiser. One of the "young men" at 92 had a solo that made me cry throughout. I know that the Lord was hearing such sweet sweet sounds listening to this precious group of believers. After the concert we went to see Santa and ride the train before lunch. Santa remembered the boys again and asked all about their week. We ate lunch and listened to some other singers before heading back to the Christmas exhibit. The boys rode the train two more times and stopped back to see Santa. He told Baylor that he went to go feed his reindeer and stopped by his other area and picked up the things Baylor made for him to put back on the mantle. Baylor was so excited. It truly was a great day and I felt blessed.

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