Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nutcracker Ballet

The boys before church.
I had a hard time getting them to both look at the same time.
Mimi bought the boys these cute socks at the ballet. The nutcracker and the mouse king are their favorites.
Pretending to be the nutcracker. Look at that outfit, fiesta, Halloween underwear, and nutcracker socks. Such a HOT look.

This afternoon Mimi and I went to see the Nutcracker Ballet. This is one of Mimi's favorite things to do during the holiday season. We have gone for so many years and look forward to the beautiful performance. The music is so pretty and the dancing is beautiful. The costumes and setting really are fabulous. The Nutcracker always make it seem even more like Christmas. Baylor has wanted to go to the Nutcracker because he loves to pretend he is a nutcracker and that he is fighting the mouse king. Cooper is usually the mouse king and it is pretty funny to watch them reenact the scene. We decided he needed one more year before he could go. We have read the book several times this season but I have not been able to find a movie of the Nutcracker. I thought if we could watch it that would help him understand the whole story a little better. After the show Mimi and I went to dinner and to Target. It was nice to have some time with just mom. I love doing special things with her and feel so blessed to have her as my mom!


jamie said...

We have the movie. Maddy loves watching it. I'll bring it to you on Wednesday so the boys can watch it.

d_freestone said...

You are very blessed to have a mom, like Mimi. She loves you so very much! Glad to hear that you girls had your own day!!