Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

He loves his new shopping cart.
He wanted to name his horse Louise.

Making some cookies.
Open for business.
So much fun.
Headed to the grocery.
The boys woke up in the morning at Mimi's house to find lots of goodies. They got a grocery/lemonade stand, shopping carts, horses, and some other surprises. They were so excited and had fun playing with all their new toys. Before leaving the boys watched Mickey's Merry Christmas Parade and saw all their favorite characters. At Mama's house the boys had fun playing with Sarah and then getting surprised by Mommy and Daddy with baby Parker. Baylor was excited to give Mama and Papa their presents that he worked so hard to make. Both boys loved their presents and really liked their Mack truck car carrier from Mama and Papa. What a great day!

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