Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Parker's Birth Story

I wanted to write about Parker's birth so I would not forget such a special day. I was very anxious for the c-section and very nervous about the entire thing. We had to be at the hospital by 6:00am. It was a very early morning and I was sad to leave my two little boys behind at home. Uncle Joe came over at 5:30 am to stay with them until Katie Collier came to babysit for the day at 8:00am. The whole ride to the hospital was very quiet. Tom was trying to lighten the mood and get me to talk but I was too nervous to talk. As soon as we arrived we had to sign in and then were taken to the triage room. When we were registering we discovered we had left the camera battery at home. Thankfully Mimi and Pop had not left and were able to stop and get it before coming to the hospital. Everything started to move very quickly. We had lots of papers to sign before and information to go over. They started my IV and got me all ready. I had to stay in the triage room until the surgery and Mimi and Pop were not allowed in there. I really wanted to see them before but Tom was able to talk to them and did get the battery. He was able to take all of our stuff to the room and my parents waited in our room. I went back around 7:45 for the epidural and Tom had to wait outside. I always hate going back by myself but the nurse with me was so nice and I felt really comfortable. As soon as Dr. Miser got there they started the epidural and got everything ready. As I was laying there right before the surgery the song, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas", was playing. We really did have the best Christmas present ever with the birth of Parker. I felt great during the surgery and was able to talk throughout the entire process. As soon as I saw Parker I was so relieved. He was just perfect and so beautiful. I knew he looked chubby but was not guessing him to be over 10 pounds. He cried right away and his lungs sounded great. He was just precious and I could not wait to hold him. Tom was able to take great video and pictures of the entire delivery. I am so glad we have these special pictures to keep and remember such a wonderful day for our family. When he was first born his glucose levels were low since he was such a big baby. He needed some supplemental formula but his levels got better and he was good to go. He had his first bath within an hour and was all nice and clean. He is such a joy and we are so in love with him and cup truly is running over!

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