Friday, January 21, 2011

100 Days of School: Five Days of Demo

Ready for 100 day!
Thanks Mimi:)!
His shirt had basketballs, footballs, and baseballs.
While Baylor was at school Parker played hard. He is taking 5 and 6 steps. He's doing great!
Cooper played on the IPad.
Baylor was so happy to see Daddy.
Parker was such a good boy at dinner.
Cooper ate great.
We treated ourselves to the Mile High Ice Cream Pie. Yummy!
The helicopters stirred up the dust and it was hard to take a picture.
Daddy looked around at all the progress.
Today was Baylor's 100th day of school. I can't believe he has been in kindergarten for 100 days! I always loved 100 day when I was teaching because it was a reminder that we had completed more days than we had left. I was always thinking summer, ha. They had special activities for the big day and had to bring in 100 items for a class snack and wear a special outfit with 100 of something. Mimi came to our rescue and sewed on 100 sports balls. It took her over 4 hours to sew on 100 beads. Thankfully he can wear it again next year and he has brothers who will use it too. He was excited for school. He looked so cute when I picked him up wearing his 100 day crown. Daddy got home from his trip this afternoon and he was anxious to come home and see all the progress. He had been gone on a work trip all week and we were so happy to have him home. He had been to Florida and we were slightly jealous of the warm temperatures he enjoyed while we had freezing temps and snow. We braved the weather and went to dinner at Champps and had a great meal together. When we got home the boys flew their helicopters in the construction zone. It was a great night. We love it when Daddy gets home!!!!

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d_freestone said...

Mile High Ice Cream Pie...YUMMM! Loved Bayor's shirt. What a GREAT idea! Hope the renovation is progressing at a rate that you want it to progress.