Sunday, January 2, 2011

Colts Game Fun

The sundaes were a hit with the kids.
Lynley is so sweet!
Coop loves Sydney.
Baylor loves Whitney's room, it's a basketball theme.
He had fun playing Zhu Zhu pets with Whitney.
Gabrielle and Coop did some art work.
Eli and Park were busy in the kitchen.
The moms spent most of the time playing with the kids, but did get to see a little bit of the game. These girls are so fun to be with.
Parker was saying Go Colts.
The girls got this Headbanz game for Christmas. It was so much fun.
Parker played the whole time and fell asleep in the car before we were out of their neighborhood.
After a very productive weekend with lots of work for Mommy and Daddy it was fun to relax with friends tonight. We went over the the Miller's house for dinner and to watch the Colts game. The boys had so much fun with the kids and spent the whole night playing. Whitney and Sydney are so sweet and are so nice to the boys. They had just cleaned their rooms and game room and inspired me to get on the ball and get the boys rooms spruced up. Sysily made lots of yummy food and we brought sundaes for dessert. The Colts ended with a win which made the night even better!

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