Saturday, January 22, 2011

Basketball Game Week 3

Mr. Defense.
Great game team.
Lynley came to the game. She is so sweet.
Parker likes the music. He likes the cheerleaders.
For Coop the game is all about the concession stand and the snacks. What a great way to start your day at 8:30 with Skittles and Doritos. He went to the snack bar with Mimi.
He shared with Gabrielle. These two are so cute together.
Bringing the ball in.

Ready to start. This is such a nice facility!
This was our third week of games. Our practice got canceled this week because of weather so our team hadn't done any work since last Saturday. They were a little rusty at first but they worked so hard. The other team was really good and very aggressive. Baylor did great at defense and put up lots of shots, but none went in. He was a little discouraged but we just went over all the good things he did. This is a great learning experience for Baylor!

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