Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scruffy Bear

Target is Cooper's favorite store just like his Mommy so of course we took Scruffy Bear there!
He also went to Greenwood Mall and visited his friends at Old Navy.
Baylor brought Scruffy home when he was in preschool.
Parker liked him!
Scruffy ate with Coop.
Coop showed him his favorite games on the IPad.
Cooper always practices Safety First and had Scruffy Bear wear safety glasses while building.
Scruffy Bear played Legos in Cooper's room. They built some great towers together.
Loving on Scruffy Bear before church.
Coop took Scruffy for a ride on Parker's four wheeler.
They did a little school work together.
Scruffy Bear went to church.
He played in the play land.
He went to breakfast at Cafe 52.
Coop and Scruffy watched Toy Story 3 together in the sleeping bag.
When I picked up Cooper from preschool on Thursday he was all smiles. It was his turn to bring Scruffy Bear home for the weekend. He has been excited for his turn and knew what to do since Baylor has brought the special class bear home before. We had fun taking Scruffy bear everywhere with us and taking pictures. Cooper has been giving him lots of hugs and likes to looks at the class book. We have a scrapbook page to make and a paper to fill out about Scruffy's adventures.

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