Monday, January 10, 2011

Clean Rooms

Baylor at his art table in his nice and clean room.
We moved his bed next to his window and went from a full to a twin. There is so much more room and he doesn't seem to notice a difference.
Coop's room looks better and we moved all of his furniture around too.
He has a whole tub of dino toys, he's happy about that!
Parker loves playing.
Uncle Joe leaves on Thursday and Baylor wanted to spend the night with Mimi one more time before he left. He got to spend the night tonight and they worked on the City Lego set. He stayed up late and had so much fun! He is so sad that Joe is leaving.
My bible study group met at McAllister's last night and we had such a great time. I love this group of girls! We discussed what study we want to do next, there are so many great options.

I knew Baylor's and Cooper's rooms both needed some serious cleaning and organization to make room for their new Christmas presents. I seriously developed anxiety when I would walk near Baylor's room because of the amount of clutter and stuff in his room. He seriously wants to save everything, he may be on Hoarders in the future:). I was cleaning his drawers and found little pieces of paper, wrapping paper, packaging, tissue paper,etc. He wants to save everything. I cleaned Cooper's room first and Tom and I rearranged his furniture. It looks much better and was not nearly as involved as Baylor. Tom and I worked for several hours on Sunday and then I finished his drawers and closet on Monday. It was amazing all the stuff he had jammed under his bed and at the side of his bed. We moved his furniture all around and it really opened his room up, he says it looks awesome! His art table looks great and he has so much more space to play and create. I am hoping that we are able to keep it clean, when you have the "save" mentality it is hard to get over that:).

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