Friday, January 14, 2011

Never Too Young...

to realize that the

marshmallows are the very best part
about eating Lucky Charms!
This morning while the alarm man was at our house and the painter I put Parker in the high chair and gave him two handfuls of Lucky Charms. I was working around and did not sit right next to him while he had a little snack. When I came back each time he had picked out the colored marshmallows and left the dry cereal. He's a smart baby!
He may get his love of cereal from his bubby and his Daddy. Baylor loves cereal and likes eating it for dinner sometimes. His Daddy likes to eat it for a late night snack in a big bowl. I thought this shirt from the Gap was perfect for my little cereal lover. He wanted to get one for Daddy too but they didn't have his size:).

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