Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jingle Rails

Baylor by the Jingle Rails exhibit.
Coop loved all the trains.
We have loved having Uncle Joe home.
Parker had fun.
BMan with Mimi and Pop.
He wanted his picture by this sign.
Building the wall.
He was the stage coach driver.
Raising the totem pole.
They were headed to California.
He loved riding the horse.
So much fun!
He loved the horse and was riding to California too. He fed him carrots from the general store. I even had to bring him back down here again before we left to ride one more time.
He talked Pop into being his riding partner.
There was so much to do.
Inside the big tipi.
Baylor's tipi.
Pop helped Coop with his. If you haven't visited the Eiteljorg it is great for kids. If you go the first Tuesday of the month it is Community Day and adults are$4.00 and kids are free.
We had been planning on visiting the Eiteljorg museum during the Christmas season to see the new Jingle Rails train exhibit. The day we planned on going was quite snowy and school was cancelled so we didn't go. We decided to wait and go when Joe was home. Today Pop had the day off again and Joe was free so we all went today. We had a delicious lunch at Acapulco Joe's and then headed to the museum. The Jingle Rails exhibit was awesome and the boys loved all the trains. The huge train display took two years to build and is made out of natural resources and is themed around the National Parks. It was not crowded at all so the boys could walk around and look at the areas over and over. After seeing the train we went to the Resource Center. We were so impressed with this area. It is huge and has so much for the kids to do. You can decorate and raise a totem pole, weave a basket, build a wall in the cabin, ride a stagecoach, dress up in clothes, play in a general store, ride play horses, and much more. The boys loved it and had so much fun. We also went in the Indian artifact exhibit and there was more for them to do. We will definitely be going back again soon. The boys loved having Pop and Uncle Joe there too!

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