Friday, January 28, 2011

Change of Plans

I know he doesn't feel good when he just wants to lay in my bed.
His teacher emailed me and said she knew of at least seven kids who were home sick today with fevers.
I feel sorry for him and hope he's back to the Baylor we know soon.
We have been having fun with our Bob the Builder toys.
He loves Scoop.
Park liked the tub the best.
He was having a great time.
He's so funny!
Coop and I had races with our trucks. He won every time:).
Baylor had a field trip today and they were going to the Ruth Lilly Health Center. We were excited for they day. I was going to go on the trip and Miss Sarah was going to watch the little boys. After the trip Baylor and I were going to go to lunch with Maddy and her Mommy. I was excited to have some alone time with Baylor. Yesterday afternoon Baylor started feeling bad and actually wanted to take a nap. In the evening he had a fever and his eyes were runny and he had a headache. At bedtime he had a fever of 102 and looked awful. Needless to say he missed his trip and we are home today amid the chaos. I know he doesn't feel good because he is still laying in my bed watching cartoons on the IPad and having Sprite. That is not his personality at all to still be laying down. I am hoping he feels better soon and does not pass it on to his little brothers.


Brown Family said...

Every blog I have come across this morning has had sick kids with fevers. We had ours last weekend and are still dealing with colds. Hope he feels better.

d_freestone said...

Get better Baylor!!! Sorry you missed the trip!

Amy said...

I hope Baylor feels better soon! P.S.- I can't find your preschool in the yellow pages anywhere. Would you mind emailing me the number? Thanks!