Sunday, January 30, 2011

Date with Baylor and Daddy's Home

My little cowboy posing before we left.
He looks handsome in his boots and cowboy hat.
I had a great time with Baylor and loved watching him have fun.
I do not want him to be a bull rider!
Talk about dangerous!
He had a snowcone.
What a fun day.
He spilled his drink all over his pants and shirt so we bought this t-shirt to warm him up.
He got a little bull too.
Our new jammies.
My boys:).
This afternoon Baylor and I had a special date together. We went to the Professional Bull Riding Event at Conseco. Baylor loves cowboys and we have watched the rodeo on TV before and he loved it. He was excited to go and I was looking forward to spending time with my big boy. After being in the house since Thursday I was really excited to get out. A few years ago I read in a devotional to spend quality time with your kids doing things they enjoy. As a mom to boys I want to spend time with them doing things that make them happy. I had a great time with Baylor and we both really enjoyed our day. It was fun to talk to Baylor and ask him questions and just be with him. He loved knowing the names of each rider and the bull. He liked the black bulls the best and thought they looked the most angry. The very best part of our day was Daddy returned home from his ski trip safe and sound. He has been gone since early Wednesday morning and we all missed him so much! The boys were so happy to have Tom home. He brought us all jammies and the boys got new hooded sweatshirts with pockets, their favorite.

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d_freestone said...

What fun your date night was! Baylor, I am glad that your fever was long gone so you two could be cowfolk for the day!