Sunday, January 9, 2011


Can you tell he was loving the idea of banging on the walls and using his tools?
Parker got into the action in his high chair.
He even figured out how to turn on the Bob the Builder tool.
Coloring on the wall.
Working hard.
Such a cute little builder.
Ready to work.
He thought he was big stuff.
Where's Cooper?
Getting ready to saw.
We have started to do a little demo around the house. We are almost one hundred percent moved out of the downstairs with exception of the pantry, a few kitchen cabinets, and the study. On Saturday Tom and his dad took out a few cabinets that they are going to use at the river. We let the boys hammer on the wall that is going and use their crayons and markers to draw. They loved drawing on the wall. We stressed that they can only do this now and not on the new wall! They have liked having a big open family room to play and roll around in. We laid blankets out on the floor and they had little forts. We have also been deciding on paint colors so we have samples of each color painted in different spots around the down stairs. It looks good!

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