Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Playing at Home

Parker likes his new puzzles, music player, and little driver. He likes to play in his room.
I am sad to say but B is officially done with naps. However since his other brothers take naps and need them in the afternoon he has a quiet rest time in his room. He built these Lego sets during nap time. It is good for him to have a break and down time too!
Parker loves the Lego table.
In our organization sweep Cooper inherited Baylor's old tool bench. He was so happy.
He love it and thinks it's great that it is now his! His current wardrobe requests consist of three items John Deere sweatshirt, Colts sweatshirt, or Diego sweatshirt. When I make him wear other items on school days or to church it is not pretty.
Crazy hair goggle boy!
After a super busy month in December we have been spending lots of time at home playing with all of our new toys. We have been busy working, organizing, and cleaning too. The boys have loved playing together, most of the time, and think the new toys are fantastic!

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