Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Favorite

Parker loved the horses. He was loud today!
He had a great time.
Baylor was the shop owner, he had some high prices.
Park showed off his walking skills.
Going on a stage coach ride.
I'm not quite sure about this ensemble.
Cleaning up.
Picking out things to buy.
Ethan had fun on the stagecoach.
Mimi kept letting him have rides. He loves his Mimi!
Coop headed to California.
I'm so glad Parker and Ethan have each other.
He had some cleaning to do.
Ethan sampling Coop's tea.
They had a great time together.
I love him.
These two were looking out the window. Parker put his hands on Ethan and gave him a big kiss. It was the cutest thing!
He loved playing the dulcimer.
The Eiteljorg is becoming one of my new favorite places to take the boys especially during the winter months. The garage parking is completely covered and it is less crowded which makes me feel like there are less germs. Today after we picked up both boys from school Mimi, the boys, and I met Jen and Ethan at the Eiteljorg. We ate lunch there first and their cafe is awesome! We all loved our lunch and there were so many good things on the menu I wanted to try. I had chicken chimichangas and they were so delicious! After enjoying our tasty lunch we went down to the resource center and the boys had a fabulous time playing. We were the only people there the entire time so the four boys had the run of the whole place. They had so much fun! They cooked, rode horses, built the wall, dressed up, shopped, went on stagecoach rides, and much more! Parker thought he was a big deal because he was out of his stroller the whole time and walking around like a big deal. I think he may have taken close to 15 steps. He walked from one side of the exhibit to the other. He has great balance and is fast! The big boys had so much fun and had a great time using their imagination. Cooper took us to California and to South Dakota and we were on the lookout for bad Indians. He is so funny! We played downstairs for close to two hours and everyone was ready for naptime after all the fun.

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d_freestone said...

Love the pictures of all of the boys! Parker walking....holy cow!!