Monday, January 31, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

Parker was busy shopping.
Baylor was the store keeper.
He went on lots of stage coach rides.
Yee haw!
We went on a ride together.
Cooper was busy playing with this little girl who was three.
He had a big story to tell.
Playing a little music.
He was serious about riding the horse.
Riding partners.
This little boy shares the exact same bday as Parker.
He wants to get a fly swatter for our house, what a funny boy.
Mondays are usually our catch up and errand day after the weekend. I try to get caught up on laundry and get all ready for the week. After being in the house for several days last week and looking at the upcoming weather forecast we decided to get out today. This morning we took Baylor to school and the little boys and I went to church to set up for our Mops meeting. I had to decorate my table for the meeting and pick up the favors and give aways from the baker. Everything looked so cute and the meeting was going to be great. After school we went to the Eiteljorg to play and burn energy. We ate lunch first and it was delicious. I loved my lunch, it is one of my favorite spots. The boys had a great time playing. As soon as we got downstairs Parker started hollering to get out play. He knew where he was and he was ready to go. There was a little girl and boy playing too and that was it. We played for a long time and enjoyed our day. On the way home we ran to the grocery and stocked up. Mimi stayed in the car with the boys and I ran in, it was a madhouse. It's like we are expecting a huge blizzard. When we got home we got the call that Mops was canceled for the morning. I was sad that I had set up and was ready to go and we would not be meeting. The ice started and Tom said it was getting bad on his way home. We already got the call that school is canceled for tomorrow. We are prepared with our flashlights and candles in case the power would go out. The weather forecasts are making it out to be a really bad storm. While the ice hits the window I am dreaming of sunny skies and warm sand on my toes.

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d_freestone said...

You were very smart to prepare for the storm on Monday! I, too, hit the grocery store!! You had ice, Monday night??? That is the worst! We are only expecting 10-18 inches of snow!! Stay safe! Maybe you need to think about getting a generator!!! One of my Florida Friends has a generator that powers his whole house with propane! BTW, I, too am wishing for sun and sand!!