Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baylor's First Basketball Game

Our little basketball player.
He's #3.
Praying before the game.
Nice moves.
Tom said the team looked a little lost at the beginning of the game. Hopefully they all improve and have fun. Baylor was happy when he saw lots of friends from school at the game.
Mammaw and Pappaw came to cheer him on.
Baylor is playing Upward Basketball this year at NPUMC and Saturday was his first game. He had only had two practices before the game and was very timid and not sure he wanted to go. He was so excited when it was sign up time and could not wait but when it started he wasn't sure. We gave him a pep talk and told him to do his best and he ended up having a great time Saturday. Parker woke up with a fever and had a rough night Friday night so I stayed home with the little two boys. I was so sad to miss his first game but Daddy kept texting me throughout the game to keep me updated. Upward is such a great program and I am so happy he is participating. At the beginning of the game they pray and then have devotions at half time. At practice each week they are given a little basketball card with the bible verse for the week. They also earn stars at practice and at the games to iron on their t-shirts. Baylor made a basket at the game and earned a special grey star. He was so proud of himself. I am glad the first game was fun for him and hopefully it will be a great start to an exciting season. The only bad part about basketball is all our games are at 8:30 on Saturday mornings:(. It will be up and moving early at the Hurst house!

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