Thursday, January 20, 2011


I am wishing these pictures were from today!
I miss the sun and sand!
I went back and looked at all the vacation pictures from last summer. The boys look so much littler to me, I wanted to cry!
This is today. While bubby was at school Coop and I played hide and seek in the game room. Let me tell you it was hard to find him:).
Parker bounced lots today on the blue horse. He loves loves loves it!!!!
He did have to take a break to answer a few calls.
We watched a new movie the boys got for Christmas, Fireman Sam.
There were moments when these two got along today.
Coop was busy with the glitter glue.
Baylor's projects turned out great.
Acting silly.
We played Toy Story Yahtzee Jr. It was a little over Cooper's head but he liked rolling the dice.
We did rhyming puzzles. Baylor did great. We worked on spelling the words when we got a match and thought of other words that would fit the rhyming pattern. Parker was not happy during game time do you see him in the jumper in the background.
Baylor already has a delay for tomorrow but we went ahead and did his homework tonight. We worked on Kinder Core words too.
He did the dishes again in the bathroom sink. He did wear pajamas all day but four different pairs. He soaks himself when he washes, but he loves it and he left bubby alone to do his work in peace. He asked today if he had to stay upstairs for his whole life!
Parker played in the high chair while I worked with Baylor. He loves his high chair and so does Mommy.
These pictures are for Daddy. Demo Day 4, the kitchen where the sink used to be.
The kitchen wall where the stove was and looking into the dining room.
The only room left is our old laundry room until we can move the washer and dryer into the new laundry room this weekend or Monday, hip hip hurray!!!
The counter for the laundry room.
I'm not going to lie, today has been a long day. Baylor did have school this morning but Cooper's preschool was canceled. Mimi took Baylor to school and picked him up and brought us lunch. It has been a long day staying in one room of the house. The boys seem to pick on each other more and have been bugging each other all day. We have tried to stay busy making Valentine's Day crafts, reading books, playing games, building with Legos, and working on words. It just seems like the hours go by slowly and more and more snow comes down. This is definitely a day when I am dreaming of warmer weather, the sand on my toes, and the sunshine beating down on my face. On that note I feel like I need to take a nap!!!!


Tracy said...

My little girl would love one of those blue horses. Will you email where you bought it? Thanks!

d_freestone said...

Bless you! With our wind chills of -10, this morning, I am joining you in wishing for sand between my toes and LOTS of warm sunshine!! Hopefully the work in your house will not last months and months!!