Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Uncle Joe's Last Day Home

Daddy had a work dinner but he came over later to tell Joe bye.
Baylor was happy he got to play Wii with Uncle Joe again.
Coop had a little issue when he went potty and was all wet. This was all Mimi had in his size. It was so funny. He was teaching Mimi how to make snow angels on the kitchen floor. She had to do it too. He was so cute.
Dinner was delicious!
Coop with Pop and Joe Joe.
Playing before dinner.
Park with Pop and Uncle Joe.
Taking a little break at Nordstrom.
He found some red shoes he liked at the Gap. They were a little too small though.
Parker the baby Eskimo.
Park thinks Uncle Joe is so funny.
Coop loves Uncle Joe.
Baylor and Uncle Joe are pals!
I love his little baby face!
The past months has flown by and we have all loved having Uncle Joe home. The boys have had so much fun with him and got to spend lots of quality time with him. They adore their Uncle and think he is the best. Today we went to Circle Centre with him and ate lunch at the food court and did a little shopping. It was nice to spend the day with him and even a bigger plus to get out of the house after snow days. Mimi had us over for dinner at night and the boys played with Uncle Joe. We can't wait to see him again over Spring Break! We love you Uncle Joe, thanks for a great time.

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