Saturday, January 22, 2011

Toy Story on Ice

Excited for the show.
All of our favorite characters were there. Baylor was happy to see the orphans, the trolls, from Toy Story 3. Barbie and Ken were so funny! We also loved Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.
Mommy and Coop.
Daddy and BMan.
Bullseye, Hamm, and Rex were there.
I love this little face!
We got family pack tickets and got a hot dog, drink, and chips with our tickets. We ate dinner there before the show. The snow cones were a great treat at intermission.
I love these boys! My cotton candy came with a Buzz hat and the boys wanted me to put it on.
Baylor as Buzz.
He was serious about the snow cone!
Tonight we took Baylor and Cooper to Toy Story on Ice. Mimi and Pop watched Parker and he had fun playing and showing off his walking skills. It was nice to concentrate on the big boys and be able to watch the whole show. The boys loved the entire show! It was so cute and had all of our favorite characters. Cooper was happy to see Buzz, Zurg, and Lotso. Baylor had the biggest smile on his face when the characters were coming out and was smiling and laughing the whole time. The boys both got a Buzz snow cone and Mommy got cotton candy. The show was so much fun and we all enjoyed our night. When it was over Coop said don't put my coat on there is going to be more. He didn't want to leave. It was a great night!

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The Gambrel Family said...

How fun! The boys look so cute and I love the Buzz cups! Jessie the Buzz hat is a great look :)