Monday, January 24, 2011

Library Fun

The boys colored a winter picture.
Coop played a Cat in the Hat game.
He did some lacing cards too, but he wanted to bring them home to hang on his tree, he thought they were ornaments.
Baylor read to Parker.
He's a great big brother to Parker.
Parker showed off his walking skills.
Baylor helped Parker with a puzzle. It was a little advanced for him!
We have such a nice library that is so close to our house.
After picking up Baylor from school the boys and I headed to the library. I wanted something to do that was easy by myself so we didn't spend the whole day upstairs again. The library was a perfect fit for us. We were the only people in the children's section and we had a great time. The boys were busy the whole time and we stayed a little over an hour. They played on the computers, read books, did puzzles, played with the toys, colored, checked out the gerbils, read magazines, and checked out new books. We also signed up for the winter reading program and the boys were able to pick a prize. Everyone had a great time and they acted perfect! I was so happy we went. After our library time we went and picked up something for lunch and then came home and ate. We played, did Baylor's homework, watched Fireman Sam, and read books before nap.

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