Monday, January 3, 2011

Day of Progress

Baylor was giving me all these cheesy smiles.
Coop was busy having Pop get the crust off his bread.
Park was noisy at lunch!
The new laundry room!
The dining room is completely empty. The light is even gone. It looks so bare.
An empty family room.
This morning our furniture was picked up to be rocovered and our washer was finally fixed. The part that was broken has been on backorder, we have been waiting since November 15. I am so thankful!
It is amazing to me how much work got done at our house in one week. We are almost completely moved out of the downstairs and the walls are all framed in the new laundry room. They hung drywall today and it looks like a real room. It is so exciting! Today Pop had the day off so we went to lunch with Mimi, Joe, and Pop at Bravo. After lunch Baylor was super excited because he got to go to Best Buy with Joe and Pop and then see Tangled again. Poor Cooper did not even know what he was missing. He was tired though after an early morning and was ready for a nap. I worked on cleaning the game room tonight and am now down to the Baylor's bedroom and Cooper's bedroom. They both still look like a bomb exploded and make my heart race when I walk in the door. My goal is to get it all organized by the end of the week!

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d_freestone said...

It sounds like you are going to have more renovation than just a new laundry room! You will be very, very busy for sure.... But to have a new and large looking laundry room sounds fabulous right about now!
Loving the photographs of the boys. They have grown up SO much! Happy New Year!