Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Parker's 12 Month Doctor Visit

This was when we were waiting for his shots.
We were playing peek a boo.
Dr. Greenfield gave him a new book. He was saying choo choo.
Dr. Greenfield said how much he looks like Baylor. We started going to her when Baylor turned one year.
This morning I took Parker to Dr. Greenfield for his 12 month well child visit. He was such a good boy and was busy talking to all the ladies in the office. He is such a happy happy baby. We got called right back and I was thankful that we did not have to wait in the waiting room. We are all healthy at home and I hate being around lots of germs! Parker weighed 25.8 pounds, was 31.5 inches long, and head circumference was 47 cm. He is the 95 percentile for height and the 90% for weight. He showed off at the doctor and was clapping and waving and saying Hi and All Done. She said everything looked great and his hear is completely healed up from the ear infection. He had to get three shots and the poor baby cried big alligator tears. As soon as I picked him up and loved on him he was fine. He is now able to drink Vitamin D milk and can eat any table food. He is a good eater so I know he will love eating different things. He goes back again at 15 months. I can't believe our baby is already one!

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