Friday, January 7, 2011

Movie Night

Watching the movie.
Three brothers.
We took a shower first so everyone was nice and clean for movie night.

Daddy was on a work trip and was driving home from Tennessee so the boys and I were home on Friday night. Since it was the weekend I wanted to make it more fun. We decided to have movie night. We got the sleeping bags out and put blankets out too and made a "forest" according to Cooper. The boys looked through all the movies and picked out Over the Hedge. It is always hard to find a good movie to watch at bed time. If it is too scary or has a villain it makes for a bad choice especially when I'm the only one home at bedtime. We had popcorn and sprite and all hung out together and watched the movie. The boys had fun and loved the movie. It was a little harder with Parker since he is mobile because he was "messing" up the forest and trying to get the popcorn.

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