Wednesday, January 26, 2011

House Update Week 2

All open.
The ceiling is all out. They found three hornets nests in the ceiling, bizarre! They were all old and could've been there for years.
Looking into the old dining room.
I'm in love with this washer/dryer goodness. I had all four going today and it was music to my ears!
We have been busy at the house this week. The laundry room is gone and the kitchen/family room are all open. We have had plumbing work, electrical work, and more. It is exciting to see all the progress everyday and things are actually going quite smoothly without a kitchen and upstairs living. All of the builders are so nice and the boys love talking to Hank and finding out what is going on, they are little builders too.


jamie said...

Oh my! I am SO jealous of the double washer/dryer! That is awesome! They have done everything so quickly. Can't wait to see the progression!

d_freestone said...

Everything is looking GREAT! You will just love having such an open area and such an efficient laundry! Cannot wait until you post the next level of progress!