Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Andrea's Baby Shower

Sarah, Sarah, Parker and I , Jamie, Nicole, and Andrea. We were missing two girls from our group.
The cake and cupcakes were yummy!
Parker went with me and was such a good boy. Mammaw and Pappaw watched Baylor and Cooper and I was so thankful! I was really happy I was able to go even though Tom was traveling. Mimi watched the boys today while I went to Baylor's conference at school. It was a busy day!
Our bible study group met tonight to celebrate the arrival of Andrea's little girl. Andrea is due in just three weeks and we can't wait to meet her precious new one. We all had a great time at El Jaripeo and had fun talking. I love the girls in our bible study group and enjoy our time together. Andrea got some cute little things with lots of pink! Congratulations Andrea!

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