Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy 10 Months Parker!

Happy 10 Months Parker Baby!
You have really gotten busy over the past month.
You are always on the move and I have to watch you every single minute. You find the smallest pieces of paper or strings on the floor to put in your mouth.
You make some funny faces.
You have a great laugh and sweet smile.
Your month pictures are getting harder, this is what you want to do with the sign.
You are a sweet little pumpkin.
I love this look.
Some of your new tricks. You clear all the books off the table.
You're proud of yourself.
You are pulling up on everything and walking around the tables.
You like to walk behind the lion.
You're getting so big!
Parker today you are ten months old! Only two more months and you will be one, I can hardly believe how fast the time is flying by this year. You are such much fun and your personality is really coming out these days. You are really on the move and have now perfected your crawl, no more army crawl for you, and you are fast. When you want something those chubby little legs are on a mission. You are pulling up on everything and like to walk around the tables and couches. You like to try and push the kitchen chairs around and have started walking behind the lion walker or the little ride ons. You also think the train table is pretty great because you can stand up and play. Where ever you big brothers are playing is where you want to be even if they do not always want you to be a part of the fun. Cooper is always worried you are going to mess up what he is doing. You love to knock over his towers when he is building, you laugh and laugh and he cries. Baylor has been teaching you how to roll a ball back and forth on the floor and you are doing great. He really loves you and wants to teach you new things. You like to read books but also enjoy eating them too. You love it when I sing to you or we listen to music. When you are on the floor and we have music on you just bounce up and down and dance. You try to sing or babble along with the music. You are loud loud just like your brothers. When you want something you sure do let us know and you talk lots and lots. You are really good at waving bye bye and are quite proud of yourself. You also are good at giving kisses and make a cute little sound when you do it. They are big open mouth kisses and I sure do love them. You are not a fan of the pack n play or bouncers for very long right now. You do not like to be contained at all, but sometimes it's necessary. This month you also got your first tooth. It is your bottom right tooth and it is so cute. It has popped all the way through the skin but is stilling working it's way up. You still are not eating any table food, we tried Mum Mums again but you choke yourself. You still eat cereal or yogurt and a fruit for breakfast, a fruit and veggie for lunch and a fruit and veggie for dinner. This month in Disney you had lots of popsicles and ice cream and you love them. You also had a sucker and you were so happy. When we would take it away you would cry and cry. Parker you are not a fan of characters at all. You would cry and cry if they got near to you. I'm not sure if you will like Santa this year either, we'll have to see. You are mostly wearing 18 months in clothes and a size 5 diaper. I love some of your fall clothes and all your cute hats that you will now leave on! You enjoy being outside and watching your brothers play. I know next time this year you will be right beside them. You are still taking two good naps a day and sometimes a small cat nap in the evening after dinner. You are a great snuggler and I love nap time with you. I am so thankful for you and love you so much! I can't wait to watch you learn new things and grow over the next two months before you turn 1!

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d_freestone said...

Jessie, I just noticed the new pictures of the boys on you blog page....VERY nice!!! They are very handsome!