Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zoo Boo

Our three little bears.
My big boy! His costume was a little small but he wanted to wear it, he still loves to dress up! I'm so glad that he isn't growing up too fast!
They fed the giraffes sweet potato pieces.
They had really long tongues.
The elephants were playing.
Coop getting some pointers from the monkeys:).
He got hot and became half a panda.
1,2,3 little bears watching the big bear.
He is a cute little pooh bear.
We love our Daddy!
This morning after church we came home and the boys put on costumes for zoo boo. It was a hard decision to pick the right costume for the zoo. At first they were going to be dinosaurs but since they don't live at the zoo they opted to be pandas. Baylor and Cooper have panda costumes from last year and Parker wore Pooh Bear. We love going to Zoo Boo and we all had a great time. The zoo is decorated for Halloween and has lots of decorations. We saw the dolphin show which is always fun and the boys love to watch the dolphins jump high. Cooper loved the monkeys and could have stayed there all day long. I think he may be part monkey some days! Baylor liked feeding the giraffes and seeing the big bear. We ended the day with a caramel apple and orange cotton candy! It was a great day.

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