Friday, October 15, 2010

Celebrating Cooper's 3rd Birthday

Chuckie with the birthday boy.
Sweet three year old.
Baylor had a great time.
What fun!
Trying to get tickets with his hat.
Look at that smile.
Daddy and Baylor got lots.
Pop played games with the birthday boy.
A little basketball fun.
He put several tokens in the football toss game so we played it lots.
Daddy and Coopie.
I love you little one!
Parker liked riding in the car.
He was serious about driving.
Baylor got him cotton candy from the machine.
Daddy and Coop at the spaghetti supper.
He liked seeing his old teachers.
Coop and Mrs. Steele.
Happy 3rd Birthday Cooper Myers, I love you to pieces.
Pop and Park played peek a boo with the crown. He was laughing and having a great time with Pop.
He loves cake.
Present time.
This morning when Cooper woke up I said Happy Birthday to you and he said Happy Birthday to you too. This is what he said all day long when someone wished him Happy Birthday. At breakfast he was singing to himself and was so happy. At lunchtime we went to Chuckie Cheese for a little birthday party with the boys and Mimi and Pop and Daddy met us too. They had so much fun. I think the highlight was the ticket blaster. They have both been so excited to do this and were waiting for their birthday. Daddy was able to go in with both of them and they got tons of tickets. It was so fun to watch them! Since we booked a party we had tons of tokens. We spent a little over three hours at Chuckie Cheese which is a long time! They played all the games and had a wonderful time. There was hardly anyone else there which was a bonus. Cooper picked a soccer ball, gumball machine, slinky and soft ball with his tickets. We came home and took and nap, both boys were really tired. When Daddy got home for work we all got ready to go to Cooper's preschool. The spaghetti supper and book fair was tonight. He was excited to eat at his school and Baylor was excited to see all of his old teachers. They had fun at school and both picked two books at the book fair. When we got home Mimi and Pop came over for presents and cake. Cooper got some new dinosaurs and Mimi and Pop got him two new Mr. Potato Heads with different pieces. He was so excited for cake! He sure does have a sweet tooth. Cooper had a great day and enjoyed his third birthday! I can't believe he is already 3! I think time needs to slow down just a little bit so I can hold on to my babies for a little bit longer!

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