Friday, October 22, 2010


Parker hung at with Mimi during the class.
We saw new baby piggies that were just three days old.
Coop was attached to one of the helpers, Grace, today. He wanted to walk by her and hold her hand.
The finished scarecrow.
Baylor liked this game.
The kids all worked together to stuff a big scarecrow, oh what fun.
Baylor's scarecrow craft.
Coop liked using glue and the stickers.
They love to talk about the headless horseman, they always say he ride tonight! Baylor wants to go but only when it's light out, I think he is a little scared.
Today we had a class at Conner Prairie all about scarecrows. The boys made their own scarecrow, played a game, sang songs, read a book, and stuffed a big scarecrow in the class. We also walked around the prairie looking at some of the scarecrows that they used in the gardens. Since it was fall break it was super crowded and we were glad we had a class. After the class we went to the apple store for a caramel apple and slush. It is only open one more week and we sure are going to be sad. They have the best caramel apples!

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