Thursday, October 21, 2010

Feast with the Witches

Mommy and Peter Pan.
The room was decorated so cute and they were playing fun Halloween music.
Mimi and Captain Jack.
Park the zebra before we left showing off that he is a toothless wonder no more. His bottom tooth is all the way through! It's pretty cute and really sharp.
Looking good matey.
He got a black spider on his arm.
Baylor got a ghost.
Baylor with Francis the good witch. Coop got scared and wanted out of the picture.
Pretending to be Frank.
He liked the music.
There was a Colts section in the haunted house.
Park was holding on for dear life!
A few people thought he was a jail bird, but with the hat on he looks like such a cute little zebra:)

It's Fall Break so Baylor and Cooper are off of school this week on Thursday and Friday. Baylor was really happy to have two days off. I thought we could maybe all sleep in like the old days but that didn't happen this morning. Today we had a special day at the Children's Museum with Mimi. We went to the Feast with the Friendly Witches. For lunch we had Fazoli's spaghetti, salad, and breadsticks. They also had grapes, apples, and cheese for the kids. The boys got their hands painted and we danced with the witches. We also had cookies for dessert. After lunch we went to the theatre for a music show. Let's just say that the joy jammers are way better than Rudy was, but the boys had a good time. After the show we were able to go through the haunted house during friendly hours. This year's theme is Skeletown and it was so neat. It takes you through different scenes and events that take place in Indianapolis. The boys had to find Skele in each room and got little prizes or pieces of candy. I know we all would have been scared if it was lights out, but friendly hours were quite fun! The boys had a hard decision picking out their costumes for today but we finally decided. Baylor went as Captain Jack Sparrow, Cooper went as Peter Pan, and Parker was a zebra. What a spooktacular time we had!

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