Monday, October 25, 2010

Trick or Treating Round One

Mama and Papa with Baylor. He brought them some crafts and he couldn't wait to give them to them.
Parker and Papa.
Two Buzz boys.
He's a busy little crocodile.
Our attempt at a group shot. It did not go well.
Papa opened lots of candy for Coop. They were pals:).
Park liked the wrapping.
What a cute Mickey.
He spent time with Mama and Papa.
Jen and I wanted a picture with Mama and then the boys wanted to join in.
Playing cards with Mama.
After school the boys and I met Jen and Ethan at Mama and Papa's house to go trick or treating. We stopped on our way and picked up McDonald's for everyone and we all ate together with Mama and Papa. The boys were so excited to go show off their costumes. Today Baylor and Cooper both went as Buzz Lightyear and Parker was Mickey Mouse. Mr. Ethan wore his crocodile costume and looked so cute. The boys had fun playing with Mama and Papa. Mama played cards with Baylor and he thought he was pretty special. Mama and Papa gave the boys Halloween treat bags. As soon as Coop saw his he screamed chocolate coins! He was beyond happy, he loves candy especially chocolate. He stood by Mama and Papa for the longest time and had them open candy for him. It was nice for them to see his sweet calm side while they were feeding him candy. He sure did eat lots, he was in heaven. Baylor had fun playing with Ethan who wanted to walk up and down the stairs over and over again. He is on the move and is so fast! We had a great time and love Mama and Papa so.

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